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State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) Limited, a fully government owned premier institution, established in the year 1972, has been a catalyst in development of small, medium and large scale industries in Tamil Nadu.



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-To ensure a good impact with the available limited resources, SIPCOT has created Industrial Complexes and Parks, strategically located in seventeen places, which occupy a place of pride in the State's industrial map.
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SIPCOT classified as a 'A' category SPSU
SIPCOT Industrial Directory
Right Information Act(Manual) File1 and File2
Application Form for Land Allotment File

Unit allotted in Oragadam Growth Center File

Thervoy Kandigal E/A Clearance File

Pillaipakkam E/A Clearence File

Comprehensive Plan of SIPCOT

Invitation of offers from prospective consultant 
Ref. No. SIPCOT / Comprehensive Plan/01/2009
Industrial Corridor of Development Plan
Invitation of offers from prospective consultant  
Ref. No. SIPCOT / Corridor - 2 /2009
New Schemes


Industrial corridor of excellence

1. Chennai - Sriperumbudur - Ranipet - Hosur Region 2. Salem - Coimbatore Region 3. Madurai - Tuticorin Region

Special Economic Zones:-

  • Hi-Tech SEZs in an area of 570.92 acres at Sriperumbudur Industrial Park, Kanchipuram District for the manufacture of Electronic/Telecom Hardware and Support services.
  • Hi-Tech SEZ, in an area of 347.66 acres at Oragadam Industrial Growth Centre, Kanchipuram District for Electronic/ Hardware and related Support services.
  • Leather Sector SEZ in an area of 260 acres at SIPCOT industrial Complex, Ranipet Ph.III Vellore District for the manufacture of Leather products goods and Footwear etc.
  • Footwear SEZ in an area of 153.65 acres at, SIPCOT Industrial Park, Irungattukottai Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kanchipuram District for the manufacture of footwear.
  • Engineering products SEZ in an area of 263.19 acres at SIPCOT Industrial growth center, Perundurai Erode District for the Manufacture of Pump sets, Motors, foudary etc.
  • Automobile/Auto Ancillary SEZ in an area of 255 acres at SIPCOT Industrial Complex, Cheyyar, cheyyar Taluk, Tiruvanamalai District for the manufacture of Auto components.
  • Transport Engineering goods SEZ in an area of 255 acres at SIPCOT Industrial Growth Centre, Gangaikondan, Tirunelveli District for the manufacture of Transport Engineering Goods.
Special Schemes:
  • Nilakkottai Food Park Ltd, Nilakkottai.
  • Water Argumentation project
  • Apparel Park , Irungattukottai
  • Textile Processing Park, Cuddalore
  • Railway siding project avadi to Sriperumpudur
  • Footwear Component Park , Irungattukottai
  • Industrial corridor of excellence- Ranipet -sriperumpudur- Hosur


  • Hosur Industrial Complex,
  • Oragadam Industrial Park
  • Cheyyar Industrial Complex
  • Perundurai Industrial Park
  • Sriperumbudur Industrial Park
  • Irungattukottai Industrial Park
  • Madurai Industrial Park
  • Coimbatore Industrial Park .

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- SIPCOT by exercising the rights conferred under Section 29 of the State Financial Corporations Act ,1951(C.A.63/1951) proposes to sell mortgaged / hypothecated assets under outright /deferred payment basis.
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