I. The following documents are to be uploaded along with the application
1. Brief Project Report mentioning the following
a. Promoters background with previous experience
b. Manufacturing process
c. Major raw materials
d. End use of the finished products
2.Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association for Private/ Public Limited / Joint sector companies.
3. Partnership deed and firms registration certificate for partnership firm.
4.In case of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), applicant should submit copy of application submitted to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for FDI approval / copy of approval of RBI.
5.Copies of Consent to Establish and consent to operate obtained from TNPCB and copies of any other statutory approval obtained for the existing company.
6.Rough building layout indicating the factory, office, godown, open space, future expansion etc.
7.Break up details of water requirement (domestic and industrial purpose) for the project.
8.Details of trade effluents to be generated along with mode of disposal of effluent viz. Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) arrangement etc., for the project.
9.Proof for Term Loan sanction, if available.
10.Latest Annual Report / Profit & Loss Account for the last three years in case of existing companies/firms.
11.List of Directors / Partners, Shareholders with shareholding pattern of the company/ firm duly certified by a Chartered Accountant and in case of foreign company, it should be certified by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).
12. The Plot is given on long term lease for 99 years and renewable for future period of 99 years.
13.Payment should be done via e-payment only.Only option available is Internet banking through NEFT/RTGS for the application fee.The amount will be approximately(No.of acres*5000) Refundable deposit + (5000 + 18% GST) One time application processing fee + (250 + 18% GST) Application fee.

Note: i)Make sure you have every thing mentioned above in hand before proceeding to fill up the application.The process has to be completed in a single sitting.
ii)All PDFs for above mentioned documents should not exceed 5 MB of size.

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